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Ron Burgundy vs. Grandmas Backdoor
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December 24, 2006

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League Tips?

Dont play with the big boys.

League MVP?

Steve Foley

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2006 Football Draft Order
1. Ron Burgundy
2. Gimpy & The Brain
3. Tecmo-Matics
4. Lets Roll Three
5. We Piss Excellence
6. AssClown
7. Golden Donkey
8. Grandmas Backdoor
9. Lynyrd Skynyrds
10. Injury Free

Golden Donkey
300 Points That aint Shit any more Donkey.

Ron Burgundy lays down a mean team.




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Football Facts:


Most Points
Ron Burgundy

Lowest Points
420 Fantasy

Best Season Record 11-2

Ron Burgundy

Worst Records 1-12

The Government Cheese
420 Fantasy


"Win one for the Gipper." You Pussy!

Past Champions

In the end only one team wins...

2006 Grandma's Backdoor
2005 Lets Roll Two
2004 Lets Roll One
2003 Doomsday
2002 Back 2 Back

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Football Tips


" I'm outta the playoffs? "

Bud Burgundy

"I'm in the playoffs ."

Let Roll

"Fuck both of you"

Football News Ending Week 16


Have a very Merry Christmas or at least puke once.

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Football Shit Memoirs

Ass Clown

AssClown has to ask "Has anyone taken Koren Robinson yet?"

Football Hippy

The Brain reinstates a migrain in the 4th round with a Favre.
Take another NFC quarterback & call in sick in the morning.



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