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July 23, 2008

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The Official Fantasy Football Homepage of the Champions of Couch Potato Football.

League MVP?

2007 Football Draft Order
1. AssClowns
2. Large
3. Ron Burgundy
4. Golden Donkey
5. The County Worker
6. Doomsday Returns
7. Lets Roll One
8. Grandma's Backdoor 2




Football Facts:


Most Points
Grandma's Backdoor

Lowest Points
420 Fantasy

Best Season Record 11-2
Ron Burgundy

Worst Season Record 1-12
The Government Cheese
420 Fantasy


"Win one for the Gipper." You Pussy!

Past Champions

In the end only one team wins...

2008 ?
2007 Grandma's Backdoor
2006 Grandma's Backdoor
2005 Lets Roll Two
2004 Lets Roll One
2003 Doomsday
2002 Back 2 Back

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Preseason Info:

Unbelievable!!! Its almost time again for some great Sunday action. I will be holding the league draft sometime in August, please contact me or Scott about playing the 2008-2009 season.

Hope you all have had a good summer so far, and get ready for a great fall season to kick off soon.

The Commish

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"Some things just come easier to others..."

Doomsday's silent investor.

AssClown pulls out his cheat sheet minutes into the first round.

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