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December 29, 2009

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2009 Football Draft Order
1. Jay Large
2. Finger Bangers
3. Ricky Bobby
4. AzzClown
5. Grillers
6. Golden Donkey
7. Lets Roll Two
8. T.I
9. Doomsday
10. FugaFyno

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Most Points
Grandma's Backdoor

Lowest Points
420 Fantasy

Best Season Record 11-2
Ron Burgundy

Worst Season Record 1-12
The Government Cheese
420 Fantasy

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Past Champions

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2010 ?
2009 Ricky Bobby
2008 Lets Roll One

2007 Grandma's Backdoor
2006 Grandma's Backdoor
2005 Lets Roll Two
2004 Lets Roll One
2003 Doomsday
2002 Back 2 Back

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"Hey thanks for starting Dwayne Bowe who isn't playing & not starting Kevin Walter who just scored a touchdown & the game just started..."

"I"ll take Darren McFaded..
""Doot doot - dootadoot doot doota doot... send in the clown...
""I'm the best 0-3 team in the league... best 0-3 team ever actually..."
"I gotta quit playing match-ups.."
"Go Dallas...Clark"
"the game last night was worth the entry fee for the whole season..." "Mercedes Jones Drew didn't do shit..."
"Marquis Jones Drew" "they should have a career high game against me...everyone else has"

"there is some shady shit going on there..."

"you guys are welcome to my money.."



Fantasy Weekly Update

The Weekly Poop!

Congrats to Bernard aka Ricky Bobby for his victory over AzzClown. This was a much deserved win for Ricky... he started strong and finished the season victorious. Congrats to AzzClown for an impressive playoff run & for the laughs that go with a guy who selected "Darren Mc Faded" & calls MJD "Mercedes Jones Drew & Marquis Jones Drew". Everyone is looking forward to next year already. Draft will be towards end of August 2010. Stay in touch, have a great spring, summer, and pre-season. Scout tough, stay up late watching film tape, get some Madden in for hidden gems... whatever it takes to win, win, win.

Drama Queen

Remind everyone to get transaction money in asap. Thanks again for a great season look forward to everyone joining again next year as well (except Koerberl - you need to pay in advance mf)

Good Luck & Happy Holidays

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