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December 28, 2010

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2010 Football Draft Order
1. Donkey
2. Clown
3. Epstein
4. Team9
5. Moon
6. Large
7. Green
8. Birds
9. Danny
10. Hoochie

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Most Points
Grandma's Backdoor

Lowest Points
420 Fantasy

Best Season Record 11-2
Ron Burgundy
Hoochie Mama

Worst Season Record 1-12
The Government Cheese
420 Fantasy

"Win one for the Gipper." You Pussy!

Past Champions

In the end only one team wins...

2011 ?
2010 Golden Donkey
2009 Ricky Bobby
2008 Lets Roll One

2007 Grandma's Backdoor
2006 Grandma's Backdoor
2005 Lets Roll Two
2004 Lets Roll One
2003 Doomsday
2002 Back 2 Back

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green machine

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hoochie momma
"It's pronounced Who's your Momma"

team nine
"I can't take 6 Receivers... Bullshit if I can't"

"Back the Fuck Up... It's a Full Moon."

"Let me at the Waiver Wire & I'm Good."

"Hoochie Montana?"

Holy Football Shit Batman

green machine general manager

"Who's got the Money?"


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Fantasy Weekly Update

The Weekly Poop!

Thanks for another great season. Bob took the cash & much sought after title from Hoochie Mama. Congrats Golden Donkey your name will forever rest in the Hall of Fame. This year was a crazy & fun year all in one. We saw some amazing comebacks, some disastrous injuries, and some stupid line-up decisions (or lack of). Most of us are already looking forward to next years draft & start of the 2011 season. Our draft will probably be somewhere around 2nd or 3rd week of August I would like to invite all teams & hopefully a few more back for next year & until then have a Happy New Year.

Wanted: Justin Koerberl, Menomonee Falls Wi. One count for avoiding fantasy football fees ($40) Please use caution when borrowing lighter or fronting fees to suspect. Habitual Offender.



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Drafting!! Are You Kidding Me. Draft Day 2010 


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